Rocca dei Tramonti was created in summer ’70 under prof. Francesco Di Modica’s will. Many things changed from that moment: children that used to go on holidays here and hang around for the campground in hot August afternoon, now are adults that still spent their free time with their family in Rocca dei Tramonti. A sign of a hand down for generation delight. Rocca dei Tramonti is now an obliged stage for many tourists that come from every part of Europe that want to combine seaside relax and the beauty of the most evocative island of Mediterranean Sea.


Rocca dei Tramonti was born to offer the so desired during winter holiday and to show the real Sicily, with hers African colours and hers amazing seaside. Unfortunately in our island touristic place are often not really confortable but Rocca dei Tramonti is different; our 350.000 ftⁿ2 are equipped for tent, caravans, campers and there are also careful served small flat. Rocca dei Tramonti is the rise of the Sicilian tourism.